QnC Jelly Gamat di Apotik I personally think this is the biggest difference between my parents’ generation, my generation and my cousin’s. The younger generation are so much more aware of what they are entering into and how much hard work is required to succeed QnC Jelly Gamat di Apotik I could certainly have learned from the ethos and attitude toward career development shown by my cousin when I was starting out in business over ten years ago. Employers, and HR teams in particular, must take all of this on board in order to create a harmonious workplace for all generations and boost productivity for the business QnC Jelly Gamat di Apotik What else did I learn from my discussion? Actually, my cousin has very similar aspirations to those that I had when I was her age. However, due to the increased challenge of building a career these days, she has worked significantly harder and has spent much longer thinking about how to start her career and where she wants to go. QnC Jelly Gamat di Apotik


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